Welding and Fabrication

We have a variety of welding and fabrication capabilities.

We utilize modern CNC equipment for bending, stamping, welding, cutting and precision machining. Our products cover a wide range of applications and industries. These products typically require much more than simple welding and fabrication. We provide a wide variety of secondary services such as painting, powder coating, plating, hardening, sand blasting, etc.

CNC flame cutting & CNC machining

We perform flame cutting on plates with thickness up to 2 meters. We also offer other methods such as plasma, laser, and water jet cutting. We choose the most suitable production method according to the thickness of the material and required dimensional tolerance.

We can meet further requirements of precision machining with a variety of CNC capabilities. We are capable of fabricating a large variety of raw materials and product sizes. We are able to meet the high capacity and tight tolerance demands of our global customers.

Welding & Weldments

With in-house qualified weld engineers and skilled welders, we offer a wide range of welding procedures and custom welded assemblies. We work with a variety of materials including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and bronze alloys.

We offer following welding processes according to client’s design:


  • SAW – submerged arc welding
  • SMAW – shielded metal arc welding
  • GTAW – TIG welding
  • GMAW – MIG welding
  • FCAW – Flux core arc welding


Stamping & bending

Metal stamping is an area that we are highly experienced. We provide custom made high precision stamped parts to a wide range of industries.