Why Choose Us?

Understanding The Product

Our skilled engineering staff begins by providing bilingual drawings and details to facilitate clarity of design. We then proceed to develop a detailed production and quality control plan custom fit to our client needs. Our engineers review all aspects of the production process and required testing procedures to guarantee the most appropriate plan is used to meet our customers strict requirements.

Production Facility

Our manufacturing occurs at ISO certified facilities with advanced equipment and production techniques. In addition to the direct oversight and testing that occurs at the factory, we appoint an independent quality control professional to oversee production and testing of each batch of products. Samples are regularly sent for testing at a certified third party test lab to guarantee accuracy of the onsite test results.

Raw Material

Cambridge United Inc. offers extensive inspection and testing of all raw materials that are used in our products. We provide third party testing and certification of materials, oversight of the supply chain and on-site inspection at the raw material facilities.


Before starting production, we deliver samples of the finished product to our clients for approval. The first article will conform to all technical and test requirements. We provide a material certificate guaranteeing conformity with all engineering requirements and listing the chemical, mechanical and other required test results. In addition, we provide a detailed dimensional inspection record.

Oversight of Production

Cambridge United provides complete oversight of all aspects of production. We employ skilled quality control engineers who guarantee conformity with international engineering specifications such as ASTM, ASME, API, DIN, JIN, etc. Our quality inspectors perform on-site assessment and evaluation at each facility throughout the supply chain in order to produce goods of impeccable quality.

Production Updates

We offer continual updates of our production schedule and its progress. We are highly efficient at providing quotes, samples of products, technical design and drawings, raw material availability updates, information on lead time, and delivery, etc. Our sales and technical staff is in constant touch with clients through conference calls, online messenger, emails and fax to apprise them of production updates.

Testing Oversight

We oversee all testing and calibration of testing equipment according to international standards and guarantee the quality of every product produced. We also provide independent third party testing of products upon customer specification.


Our forwarders work directly with shipping lines to provide logistic solutions and expedite delivery of your products. We utilize reliable freight carriers based on the lowest costs and provide custom clearance and delivery to end destinations.