e offer high quality castings made from the following production methods:

  • Sodium Silicate Process: Enables short lead time, good surface condition, and low cost. Suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, grey iron, and ductile iron. Dimensional tolerance CT6-CT8
  • Silica Sol Casting Process: Offers the best solution when dimensional precision is needed. Dimensional tolerance CT4-CT6
  • Pre-coated Sand Casting Process: Alternative process to sodium silicate process but with higher production efficiency and lower cost. Dimensional tolerance CT6-CT8
  • Sand Casting Process: The most commonly used casting process, especially for large castings. Suitable for almost any material. Dimensional tolerance CT8-CT10
  • Die Casting Process: Tight tolerance and excellent surface quality. Commonly used for casting of non-ferrous metal. Dimensional tolerance CT4-CT6


For carbon and alloy steel

  • ASTM A27
  • ASTM A216
  • ASTM A148
  • ASTM A487
  • ASTM A217
  • ASTM A389
  • ASTM A297
  • ASTM A351
  • ASTM A560
For stainless steel

  • ASTM A743

For ductile iron

  • ASTM A536

For grey iron

  • ASTM A48